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We know you have a lot of options in choosing the right vacation home—heck, we’re excited that you even made it to this page. These days, anyone with an unoccupied house/condo/apartment, a camera, and internet access can market their vacation home to just about anyone, from anywhere, and at any time. We’re thrilled about this explosion in the vacation rental marketplace; more people than ever are taking charge of their vacationing experiences and aren’t just settling for hotels, resorts and B & B’s (no offense).

With that said, is it not the riskiest time to rent a vacation home as well? What if the pictures are inaccurate? What if a pipe bursts at 2:30am and nobody comes to the rescue? What if I make a payment for thousands of dollars by ‘booking online’ and the owner ‘never gets it?’ These are all great questions to consider during the planning process even if you end up not staying with Lakeshore Lodging.

If you do stay with us, however, (and we’d love for you to) you’d be staying with a seasoned vacation rental company who has been in business since 1999. Not only are we in love with what we do, but also WHERE we do it. The Lakeshore is our home and we want you to fall in love with it as much as we have. Sure, we could tell you about our 24-hour emergency support, the fact that we have maintenance and cleaning staffs in-house, ‘Accidental Damages’ insurance for each reservation, and unrivaled accessibility—but we’ll just let you figure that out on your own.

Are we perfect? Nope. Are we going to get it right 100% of the time? Probably not. Will we do everything within our power to make your vacationing experience incredible? Absolutely. After all, we’re REAL people planning REAL vacations and we can’t wait for you to stay with us.

(And, for the record—our pictures are accurate, we will always be there at 2:30am to fix that broken pipe, and you’ll always get a real person when you make a reservation.)

Service To Our Owners
As a homeowner, we know you have more than a few options in renting out your second home. You can join the mix of ‘Rent by Owner’ risk takers and try your luck on the world-wide web, connect with one of the many Vacation Rental Management companies out there and hope you chose correctly, or take the safest way out and just use it only for yourself.

This decision is anything but easy and many factors play into it—after all, it’s your valued property and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here are a few questions to see what might work best for you… What if the renters trash the place and cause major damage? What if you live in Chicago but your home is in West Michigan? What if you have to clean before every arrival and after every departure but you hate cleaning? What if you’re kept in the dark about key rental management info like financials? What if you try your best but cannot get any rentals? Choosing a Vacation Rental Management company is not for everyone, but if making a little extra money on the side (or in some cases, a lot of extra money) in a safe way sounds interesting than you should probably keep reading.

Lakeshore Lodging has been in business in West Michigan since 1999 and we have had the great privilege of managing some fantastic vacation homes owned by some really great people. With professional maintenance and housekeeping staffs both in-house, owners know that there home will be taken care of, both inside and out. We not only take excellent care of each and every home, we also have a great handle on the rental market and know exactly when and where to showcase a home to generate the attention it deserves.

But please, don’t just take our word for it—here are some REAL experiences from REAL owners who have volunteered to share their experiences (and we promise they aren’t getting paid for this…)

Ultimately, we don’t manage vacation homes just because we happen to be in the business of real estate and it’s convenient—we manage vacation homes because we love West Michigan and genuinely enjoy helping people create amazing experiences by matching them with the right vacation home. We can’t wait for you to join us!